Black dress with red ruffle.

Sticking with yesterdays themed sketch I did another version. This time with a red ruffle and in a different pose. I'm venturing out!!!

Truthfully, I wasn't entirely pleased with yesterday sketch. Her face was wonky, and skin colour over-saturated. 
Sometimes with water-colour paints I actually forget to add enough water to make it transparent, which is the whole point of using water-colours.

Yesterdays sketch needed a heap of work in Photoshop for me to even feel semi-satisfied with it, which made it disappointing. I usually clean the image up once it's been scanned into the computer as scanning brings out a wealth of imperfections It's a bit like looking in a mirror under harsh lighting where all your imperfections seem so much more visable
Any -who it was a good opportunity to try out the sketch with a different pose /coloured ruffle and to use the watercolours the way they were intended. I'm much happy with this one.

Thankfully this sketch didn't need much cleaning up, just the back ground as always.

I don't normally play round with the effects in photoshop, but I thought I would have some fun for a change, nothing to drastic. 

See what you think? 

I quite like the second two. They reminds me of the opening credits of the James bond film, Tomorrow never dies!!

Enjoy the rest of  your weekend, we have snow here in the u.k which I love. It makes everything look so much prettier and at least it isn't rain  :) 


  1. Wow, I really admire all the research and work you do to render if not the perfect, the close to perfect sketch - congrats! Sketching per se is so beautiful but I must admit the subtle movement of the shawl in the second sketch is great!

    Yes, beautiful white carpet over here too! :-)


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