Burda Dress Toile

Don't you just love snow days :) with all this white stuff around it's allowed for more sewing time. so the dress I wanted to make last September is finally getting a look-in. It's the Matthew Williamson Dress from 09/2012 edition of burda,  pattern #134 

Because of the style line on the dress and the lovely fabric I've chosen  I decided to toile the dress. It was a good decision too. Seen as I'm more of a jump straight in kinda gal.

 The fabric I've used to toile is actually from a pair of left over curtains, their very itchy though!!! My major bug bear was the pockets that this pattern has, good concept  but from the side they look awful, all jutting out and creating weird angles.

This pattern does requires some tweaks (see below)

I may even toile again, just to make sure the pocket removal goes to plan.

And once I'm convinced it's perfected, This gorgeous fabric will be it's destination.


  1. It's going to look great! The clean lines of the dress will look great with the busy print! I would also remove the pockets, the lines of the dress will be more flattering and it will look better with that gorgeous fabric. Will it not work with just re-sewing the toile? Of course, sometimes it's easier to make a new toile than to rip the old =)

    It'll be a beautiful dress, I'm sure!

    1. I hope so, I've been wanting to make this dress for so long :)
      I'm going to try and reuse the skirt part of the toile but I think the top part of the dress will need re cutting.


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