Button Mixed Media Illustration

I was hoping to have this button mixed illustration done last week.
The snag- I run out of yellow buttons!! Typical really, I picked up two packets of  buttons thinking it would be more than enough for the illustration but the button packs were mixed colours (yellow and lilac) it turned out that I was about five buttons short!! So it was put on hold until I picked up another packet.
Then came another snag with the buttons, whilst I had to wait until I could get the extra buttons, the glue I had used to stick the buttons to the paper (PVA Glue) wasn't adhering the buttons properly.
 To remedy this I put a layer of PVA on top of the buttons to keep them in place, thinking the PVA would dry clear - normally it does, but no such luck. The PVA had left a residue which had significantly dulled the surface of the pearly buttons. But at least the buttons stay in place.


What I did enjoy about working with the buttons is they they add a sewing element to my illustration, plus it's nice to work with something other than markers and paint from time to time!

 In a way I'm glad the buttons didn't turn out perfect, as I'm not taken with how the illustration itself came out either. I went over board with the outlining. The girls face looks surly, and the skin tone is off too, but it's a good starting point.

I'm also thinking this type of mixed media illustration would look good on an artist canvas for hanging in a sewing room! Hmm now that's an idea!!