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Fashion show: Juicy Couture

The name Juicy Couture still makes me squirm, I associated so much with tracksuits, rich footballers and chav's that it really does make me shudder to hear that name. Not that I'm a label snob, I can't afford to be. But the juicy couture brand is just one of those things that get's to me!!

Surprisingly this is the seconds time in a row that I've really admired the collection. The Autumn/winter 2013 fashion show looks were I thought cool, preppy and most importantly wearable. I loved the skinny/ cigarette trousers and the smart casual jackets. Don't get me started on the nod to Chanel jacket. I am so making myself one of these. Just don't ask when!!! :P

The only other thing, I just wish the Juicy Couture name didn't make me wince!!


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