Jean Paul Gaultier 'Classique' Illustration

I been thinking lately about branching out into fashion art illustration more. Instead of drawing only full fashion figures I think it's time I attempted to develop my skills into more pieces like the one I've drawn above. I like to think it gives the illustration more character and tells more of a story.

This illustration is my version of the Jean Paul Gaultier classic perfume advert often seen gracing the pages of magazine. I love this perfume so what better way than to start with doing an illustration of it. The original advert can be viewed here or by clicking the link above. 

It's not perfect, nor is it intended to be. I've purposely left the back ground basic because I knew if I tried to replicate it perfectly it would turn into a disaster, so I thought it was better to give just a hint of  background body than to go full hog and I think I might make that my illustration 'style'.
There are also some shading and hair issues, but other than that I'm content with it considering when I first started shading her arm I thought I'd completely ruined it!

I've illustrated this using pro-markers, fine-liners and Photoshop.



  1. Great idea to include the background. It does enhance the story telling, as you suggested. Cheers!


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