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Oscars Archive Sketches

Fast on the heels of yesterdays Oscars dresses post, I came across these costume design sketches featured on the Oscars website. These are designs that were first sketched then made into the costume's for the actresses playing the part. 

I love costume sketches, they are much more detailed than your average fashion sketch as they need to resemble how the clothing will look once made up, like how the image looks on a vintage pattern envelope. 

Costume sketch by Helen Rose of Elizabeth Taylor in Rhapsbody.

Costume design by Helen Rose. Elizabeth Taylor in the last time I saw Paris.

Costume sketch by Dorothy Jeakin, Marilyn Monroe in Let's Make Love

Costume Sketch by Moss Mabry, Jessica Lange in King Kong.

Costume Design by Walter Plunkett. Vivien Leigh in Gone with the Wind.

Images from the Acadamy Collection. There are 10 sketches altogether, to see more click here


  1. Thanks for sharing. These are so pretty + inspirational!

  2. Wow, they are so beautiful. Followed you, hope you can check back and follow me too.

  3. Beautiful sketches - thanks for sharing!


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