Sobetto with a collar

I was too fussed about my original sobetto. I should have really thought about my fabric  choice, but Rachel from house of pinheiro suggested either I add a collar to the sobetto, or maybe use it as a pyjama top?

Not giving away to much information, but to be honest I don't really wear pyjamas ;) so I opted to add the collar instead.

Truthfully I'm still not convinced with the fabric choice for this sobetto top but with the collar added to it I think I might just wear it! (Thanks Rachel for the suggestion). It's odd to think that I can be full of suggestions and ideas for other people but come my own stuff I just haven't a clue. Left to me this sobetto would have just been dumped in the corner, but with collar I think it will be fine to wear to work.

One thing I really like about adding the collar is that it high lights the scoop at the back more. Which is nice because I actually like exposing that part of my back. It always looks quite toned and tanned even if I do say so myself ;)

The down side of the collar on the sobetto is that it can't really be worn with a cardigan. I've tried but it just doesn't look right. It's the scoop! It's sits much lower than the neck-line of the cardi so the collar can't be worn over the top of it and for that reason I'm just not liking the combination.

So I guess I'll just have to wait for warmer weather. (that could be a while...........)


  1. Ohh, I really like the added collar... It's looking much better... If you need more details , two cute buttons bellow the colar.. I love details as you can tell lol.. I'm glad my suggestion worked x

    1. Thank you Rachel!! I have been thinking about the buttons lol! I'm undecided yet though!!

  2. Looks super - I add buttons on a few I made, just to break the front up and they made the world of difference...J

  3. It looks great! It fits you really well, and the collar looks great! Maybe if you wear it with something high-waisted and tuck it in it will feel less pajama-y to you.

  4. Thanks for the tips girls x


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