Bridal Shoe Clips

It's been a bit quiet in these part for the last week and a bit. Gloating is not wise especially when done to your work colleague, stating that I hadn't had a cold in over a year, the very next day I was hit by the dreaded lurgy. And boy did it hit me! it has left me with very little energy, and what strength I did have, had to be put to other uses so I'm afraid blogging took a back seat. 

On the day that said gloating was going on, my colleague had asked me to make some bridal shoe clips. She had recently been approached by a bridal shop owner who had seen some of the jewellery she makes and asked her if she would be interested, the bridal shop owner had also spoken about making Shoe Clips

My colleague then asked if I would make the shoe clips as she wasn't really interested in the sewing part.  I agreed to make some sample that she could take with her for when she next met the bridal shop own.

Please excuse the black shoes in the following photo's I was in a rush to photograph and they were the only shoes I had to hand!

Along with shoe clips I also made a fabric corsage too I would have loved to have made another but lack of time mainly due to having no energy because of this damn cold and a few alterations that I promised a friend meant that it wasn't to be.

Yesterday (Friday) my colleague took them along with her own jewellery pieces to see the bridal shop owner and although they were only samples I'm really thrilled to say that the bridal shop owner loved them and has kept them for the shop!

The other good news is that my cold is much better so I'll be back to a regular schedule!


  1. Hi! Glad to see you back! I did notice your absence but thought you ought to be busy with your new house, but no! It was the "dreaded lurgy" (thanks for the link - I improved my knowledge of English words today!).

    Lovely and super cute shoe clips. Great to hear that the shop owner took them - cheers!

    1. Thank you!! I have been working on the house too although I didn't get much done with the 'dreaded lurgy' (my mum always uses that phrase haha)


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