Sew for Victory

You man have noticed a few sewing challenges that I hope to do have popped up on my side bar. One of which is the Sew For Victory challenge being hosted by Rochelle over at Lucky Lucille. It's a 1940's sew-a-long, urging participants to Make do and Mend. So I thought this would be another perfect opportunity to stash bust, and whist I would love to use an authentic 1940's pattern I'm going to 'make do' with what I've already got. Although I'm uncertain as to whether to choose an existing pattern or to draft my own.

Whilst I'm stuck in a pattern battle, I am certain that I will be making a pair of trousers.
I've been fancying a pair 40's style trousers for sometime and I thought this is the ideal opportunity to do so.

Here are a few images from pinterset that I've been collecting to inspire me.

I just hope I can stick to the challenge deadline!!


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  2. Great sew along and lovely choice of patterns! I must say I have a BIG problem sticking to Sew Along deadlines. I wanted to take part in one (the second New Girl from Sewing Addicta) but did not find the suitable fabric in my town (and not even one in my kilometer long stash!), finally opted to start doing a toile and finished with a wearable muslin top! Well, I must say I realized afterwards though cute, that was not the dress I would be wearing very often, so... I am not that unhappy with myself and I have a wearable blouse instead!

  3. yes!great blog! I agree!

    -fashion illustrtor-

  4. hi dear! i just found your blog and i love it! boy i wish i could sew! anyways would you like to follow each other?

  5. Sounds great, and well... I might be biased having just finished a pair LOL


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