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French Style in Spain

I was inspired by a girl at the local market whilst on holiday in Spain. I was looking at her thinking I wish my style was a bit more like her. She wore a t-shirt style shirt which appeared to made from stretch material and a lovely looped scarf round her neck. Her style just looked very...... well French! 

I had to Draw her! Not there and then though I'm afraid I don't have that level of confidence to ask someone to pose for a few minutes while I do a quick sketch, so I did it from memory.

Looking at this sketch I feel I'm finally starting to improve drawing face'. Just by keeping it simple and using the finest point outlining pen really helps me to keep it together and stopping it from becoming over-worked. 

Hope you had a lovely weekend.


  1. Wow! I envy your drawing skills! This is really beautiful and inspiring ... I would be happy if you draw me ... sorry, I had to try it ...

    1. Thank you Rosy! actually that sounds like a challenge. I won't promise but if find sometime over then next few weeks then I would love to draw you :)

  2. Congrats for this lovely sketch! You're right, the girl's face has come much softer now and, believe me, her expressive eyes have a personality of her own. Keep up the great job!

  3. You are such an anazing artist! If it feels right for you, then I truly hope you take the plunge you spoke of in the "What do yopu desire"-post!

    1. Thank you! I hope to at least give it a try :)


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