The Easy Kaftan Blouse

The blurb:
After being with out my machines for what feels like forever, I wanted something simple and quick to make.
This kaftan style blouse featured in an old issue of sew magazine (sept 2012) was the ideal make! 
Essential a rectangle of fabric with a hole cut in the middle, two button holes and a piece of ribbon, has made this the most simplest yet effective make that I've ever done. It doesn't even use a pattern and is great for stash busting. 

The fabric:
I'm really not sure what fabric this is, the motif it is a burnout fabric though. I picked the fabric up on holiday a while back, it was around 1.5 meters for only two euros!! 

The pattern:
You can find the instructions here on the sew website. The pattern for the neckline is here (scroll to the last page, it's the pink outline (you may have to sign up to sew magazine to access the pattern). 
A quick note about the pattern is that it's a one size fits all type, however I would say that if you are UK size 14 and up you may want to consider moving the button holes over as this pattern isn't as generous as maybe it should be!

Having been without my sewing machine for over three weeks has left my head in a right spin about what to sewing next. There is so much I want to sew that my head feels like it's gone into over-drive.  In the running is toss up between, a maxi dress, Gerties bomshell dress and a play suit, there's also now a small matter of 'do I don't I' regarding sew a prom dress - more about that in another post!!

What's on your sewing table?


  1. Oh I hate to stay without my machine because my sewing mojo get withdraw symptoms ... Great idea to fill the time . I been sewing knit dresses and you have have sneakpeek on Instagram

  2. Wonderful idea! A fast and beautiful project, love the way it glides smoothly over you. I just finished my last dress ... thinking about the next ...


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