One That's worth a look:

I love things that are off beat and unique and this websiste also combines them with chic. Perfect combination.

Messy Nessy Chic is my newest fascination in the blog world. This blog completely fascinates me with it's unusual articles that satisfies my thirst and intrigue for knowledge of the off-beat. ( I love it when I find out about unusually situation or beings in the world! don't you?)

Articles that have had me hooked included:

  • Kawloon walled cityA lawless, ungoverned and unregulated city, where 50,000 people lived in a 7 acre plot. A network of passage ways and interconnected towers where inhabitants could live for as little as 6 US dollars a month!

  • The remains of Paris' Kawloon walled city. If you thought that only a walled city could exists in the Asian continent think again, during the second half of the 19th century, Paris built it's own walled city to inhabit 10,000 working class people.

  • The 80's hip hop tailor: Dapper Dan donning custom made clothes for hip hops elite all made using rolls of Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Fendi knock off prints, and was one of the first to bring designer clothes on to the street scene.

I hoped this has wetted your appetite as much as it has mine, there are even categories to refine your interests such as C'est Chic, don't be a tourist, nostalgia and fashion for dummies to name a few!

In other News

Unfortunately sewing is still slow :( I just have to much going on to to be able to fit things in, between working, decorating, moving stuff, furnishing the house and generally being a proper grown-up (i,e having a house to keep in order) everything is taking it's time. I want to do it all so I need to find a routine to settle into but obviously priority takes over and turning this house into a home is top of the list!
I have done some sewing this week, but it's boring stuff- shorting curtains and the like :/ Although I did cut a pattern for a basic loose fitting T-shirt.

Taking part in Me Made May isn't going well at all this week, again clothes/shoes I though I had brought with me have turned out to be still at my parents.

 Who ever said this moving house malarkey was hard was certainly right, especially when you have a hobby you despritly want to do!! #sewingproblems

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