Emerald green summer

Sketch done using flex markers and metallic markers

 Pantone's spring/summer colours report feature a number of green coloured hues, and now word is that Emerald green has been the chosen colour for summer!! Some might say it's a bit strong as a summer choice but I used it as my inspiration for a few summery items anyway!!

Flex markers Vs Pro markers
Normally I colour using pro-markers but I've got something else FLEX markers, made by the same company, Letraset!
 I'd heard about flex markers but not really known what they are. Turns out they are basically the same as pro-markers (alcohol based) only with a flexible tip at the one end (along with the standard chisel tip at the other) giving you more control and precision, and it is good!! We were lucky to have a delivery of these in work and I couldn't resit buying a set and another and another.... And another!!! The flex tip handles much more naturally, I wouldn't be surprised if they switched all pro-markers over to flex markers in the future, certainly a thumbs up from me!!

New Paper
I pushed the boat out and used different paper to! Working in a craft shop we sell a Lot of card and paper, one of these card types is a non branded 'super smooth bleed resistant pro- card, suitable for use with pro-markers and other alcohol markers' (that's the blurb) but until now I have resisted the urge to try it due to already owning an abundance of pro marker sketching paper, but finally I took the plunge and yes it to is also good! perhaps a little too smooth at times, squeaky smooth almost, but the paper/card it self is ultra white and scanned beautifully without having to adjust the contrast or touch up the background. Another thumbs up!! :)