My Top 5 Sewing Gadgets....

If your anything like me, you will have amassed a large amount of sewing gizmo's and gadgets over the years, some of them get used and others find themselves at the back of the sewing cupboard but here's my top five most used ones.

1. Bobbin Winder

I bought one of these when the one on my sewing machine was playing up, and although it can seem a bit useless if your machines bobbin winder does work it does come in quite handy. Surprisingly I use it all time!

2. Pattern master
It's main use is to aid patten drafting, but if you need to adjust seam allowance or add it to those darn Burda patterns, invest in one of these. Just line up the edge of your pattern with the the corresponding amount of seam allowance and off you go. you can also do the same with a set square and a grading ruler.

3. Chalk Wheel

I love, love, love this little gizmmo it's the best thing since sliced bread! Me and the good old tailors chalk have issues, but me and the chalk Wheel well  we get on like a house on fire! one thin pure line of chalk with a flick of you wrist. simple!

4. Sewing Gauge
Definitely an underrated gadget, my seam allowances would resemble a drunk man trying walk a straight line if it wasn't for this little guy. A small tip, I have a little bit of blue tack on mine to hold the slider in place to stop it going astray! 

5. Loop Turner

I use this much more than I think I do, and long gone are the days when I would struggle, usually with a knitting needle to turn my loops, this is a little gem!

What's your favourite sewing gadget?

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  1. LOL, I've got all of those gadgets (I'm a shopkeeper' s dream customer for any new notions they have in stock). I really like this little The "14 in 1" Measuring Gauge by Collins (I keep one by my machines, and another at my cutting table), and Clover's Double Tracing Wheel (great for adding seam allowances to my BurdaStyle Magazine patterns), and I like an Awl for manoeuvring tricky fabric under the present-day (smaller than my lumpy fingers).

    1. I nearly put the awl in my list, handy little gadget that one!! anything to make sewing easier/quicker haha!!

    2. Yup - awls are cheap + v.v. handy!

      P.S. "present-day" - should read "presser foot" LOL! (I blame the auto-correct on my Kindle tablet hehe)


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