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Summer Suits

Seems a little strange that I'm posting a sketch of a suit in the middle of this lovely heat wave that the u.k is currently experiencing, but in my defence I did this sketch a few weeks back when we definitely didn't have 'summer weather'! I will admit that I nearly didn't post this image as her face didn't go to plan turns out sketching in bad light whilst tired doesn't mix!!

How do you feel about coloured suits? I was a bit mixed at first but I'm really coming round to them especially if the are well tailored with 3/4 length trousers, I'm not sure how often I would wear one I'd probably just mix and match the suit, wearing trouser with one outfit and the jacket with another, but I would like to own one regardless!


In other news


I'm still not sewing :( not in the way I'd like. Altering clothes and furnishings for the house is happen though! once I get through the back log of trousers, cushions and curtains, sewing clothes is most definitely back on!! :)
My new sewing room is ok-ish, or so I thought! A trip to Ikea proved me wrong so I'm on a mission to save up and re-kit my room out and I can't wait!! Now looking at it it's much needed!
recently I've bought quiet a few vintage dress', hat making supplies and shoe clips all for a businesses idea that I'm trying to venturing in to, it's quiet exciting but rather experimental too!!  
I really miss keeping a proper sketch book. I haven't kept one at least not properly since college and can't wait to get started. currently I'm torn between working on an abandoned places theme or an oriental one either-way I can't wait to start one up again.


  1. I'm not a pant or suit sort of person but I do like to admire them from afar. As for not sewing clothes right now, I am the same, all my friends want clothes altered right now so that is all I am doing!


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