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Sewing Fashion Trends: Suits

Suits are big news this season and being a bit of a fashion junkie myself I have to admit I'd love one, whether I would wear it as a complete outfit I'm not sure!!
The desire to make one is tempting especially as currently on my 'sewing to-do list is an orange jacket. It certainly is tempting to making matching trousers so the option to wear it as one is there!

Runway Style:

 Balenciaga And Lanvin we just two of the many designers who sent suits down the runway, usually all in one colour from the lurid and loud right through to the more conservative colours of blacks and neutrals. and if your not a fan of wearing a head to to suit that why not try a shorts version, which was equally as popular and quite possibly a little more chic!
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Sewing your own Style:

            By Hand London Victoria Blazer                           Colette 1019 Clover Pattern

Hot patterns 1139  Riviera Tuxedo trousers                      Sewaholic 1205 Cordova Jacket             

thinking of making your own suit? There's a fair amount of choice. My pick would be Colette's clover trouser pattern paired with by hand londons, Victoria blazer, although sewaholic's cordova jacket is tempting to spice things up.
For longevity and a more classic approach there's the Vogue patterns which should be just as relevant in 20 years or so as it is now, although maybe not in lime green!

You could even cheat. If you've already made a suit style jacket, or trousers why not a make the co-coordinating separate to match! and as for an undergarment to the jacket, you could keep it really runway and wear nothing but a bra, or keep it simple and pair with a white vest top or fitted t-shirt. If you really wanted to up your game then making a pair of matching shorts would certainly do the trick!.


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Sewing Fashion Trends: Joggers

Sport luxe is pretty popular right now with the cuffed jogger being top of the list. I think is a good basic to own for those day where your mostly at home but might need to pop out a few times to run errands. 
Comfy enough to relax in, stylish enough to pop out in. I even like the more high end look of pairing them with heels and a jacket, but for me I'd probably stick to a slip on trainer style shoe and slouchy off the shoulder T.
What I really like about this trend that when it comes to sewing it, the indie patterns are running the race. Burda of course are always there, but I'm struggling to find any looks from the other big pattern companies- Go Indie's:
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 Papercut Pattern: Anima Pant

Described as a 'must have staple' I think these are pretty cool, I also love how they come with three variation, full length, 3/4 pants and shorts. Papercut are also running a anima competition right now if your interested.  

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How To: Inserting a side seam zip with pocket

This skirt was meant to have a center back zip along with side seam pockets. Instead I put the two together and combined the zip into the side seam pocket and thought I would share with you how I did it or basically winged it ;)

What You should Know First:
This is easier than it looks all you need to do is be able to insert an invisible zip. The waist band was faced but I found it easier to attach the facing once the zip was in place.  This skirt also had lining but the lining fabric is treated as a single layer with the fashion fabric.
Prior to inserting the zip and pockets and treating the lining and fabric as one layer, I made sure both side seams were over-locked 
Construction Tips: These are by no means a definite way to do this, just the way I did it.  . 

1.  Pocket pieces should be kept separate, which makes it easier to place on the the skirt.

2. Taking the one pocket piece (Ignore that I have two in the pic) I lined it up on the right side of the skirt, with the correspondin…