Illustration class

With it being September, that back to school vibe got me good and proper so I decided to take a Skillshare class on illustration your own runway looks. The first part of the class is split in two first was to choose your inspiration, paying no particular attention just going with your gut feeling and what spoke to you.
The second part of that was to sketch these looks with the emphasis being on the shape of the dress.

We are encouraged to be creative with our projects explaining a little about the images and inspiration, we can even write a story if we wish - I wasn't that cleaver so this is what I wrote:

Inspiration wise I found myself being drawn to soft feminine images with just a hint of structure which I hope will make for an interesting and exciting project that will challenge me!
I've never been one for drawing faces I do like to challenge myself but I've kept them simple and a nod towards my personal style of sketching! I aimed to over exaggerate some of the dresses but I don't think this really happened!
I'm fairly happy with the sketches but wished I'd experimented more with the pose of the model. 

Hows your September going?


  1. Oh boy. Those are good. I wish I could draw.

  2. im so tempted by some of the skill share classes.. you sketches are looking good

  3. Thank you Rachel! There are few more I'm thinking of doing so much choice it's hard to choose

  4. Oh wow, that last one is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Real lovely sketches - so glad to see you keep working and improving your drawing skills!

    1. Thanks, after not really doing much for a while it feels good to pick up a pencil again


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