Illustration Class: applying watercolour

For the last few weeks I've been taking the illustrating your favourite runway looks class on Skillshare, I've been enjoying the class and I've learnt a few new things, especially about painting white clothes.

Last time I showed you my initial sketches and this is how they look with the watercolour applied.

This has to be one of my favourite sketches, it looked to be going down the pan to begin with but came good in the end. my only wish is that the colours were more vivid especially the red.

This sketch was the one I was looking forward to most for applying watercolour but ended up being my least favourite when it was finished. I think there was just to much small detail and it didn't come together, not to mention I had a mare getting the skin colour right.

If this image looks a weird it's because when scanned the paper showed up really messy, I tried to clean it up in Photoshop but it's gone a bit blah. this was also a night mare to get right, too much white and texture to convey.

 I'm happy with how most of them came out, although I found some images harder to colour than other. Sometimes the skin colour was off or it was difficult to get the colour and finish of the dress right.
I found myself wanting to apply the watercolour quickly which resulted in mistakes being made and not the finish I was looking for.

For my final art work for the class I'm hopping to take my time and produce something that I'm really happy with, we also get to embellish the final piece with glitter/sequins/rhinestones etc so I am looking forward to that part!!

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