Illustration Friday: Moustache

Earlier this week I came across a website called Illustration Friday, where each week they post a random topic for which you can then draw your own interpretation. It's basically a weekly illustration challenge! I've been looking for something like this for a while, so I'm really pleased to come across this website (*cue little happy dance* \o/)

So this weeks topic is................ Moustache!

Quite a funny topic I think you'll agree (and maybe one better suited to being done in  Movember) but I pretty much had an idea of what I'd draw soon as I seen the topic! 
There's so many people having these finger moustache tattoos and one of my friends has one so that's where I got my idea from. I wanted to keep the overall image basic so as just to focus on the moustache.

I'm pleased with the overall drawing and more so as I didn't use a reference point for the girl, which is probably why her eyes came out so big, but I like her that way!
The only thing I looked up was moustache styles. (I hope nobody looks through my Google search bar hehe!)
The background was done using Photoshop, I didn't intend this but after I finished the illustration I knew a background was needed and thought I'd get the best result by using Photoshop for it.

I cannot wait to see what the next week's topic will be, past weeks have included Underwater, Onomatopoeia, Together, Totem and Hidden..... this should be an interesting challenge judging by the previous one.

I hope your looking forward to seeing what I come up with as much as I am drawing them?

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