One fabric, two colours or even three

I love this dress!! well actually I don't completely love it but I do love the use of the same fabric in two different colour-ways, how cleaver but simple, (you may have seen I tweeted about it last week).

It also gave me an idea (cue light bulb moment). Back, well, a year ago, I had great plans to sew this Matthew Williamson dress from burda!! I was really looking forward to sewing this up with all it's seams.

 I even did a toile, amend my pattern, but couldn't quite bring myself to cut in to the gorgeous fabric  I had bought for it,(in-case you wondered why you hadn't seen the finished piece) also all those seams would be lost too!!

                                                                      Gorgeous fabric.

Since I decided not to cut into my fabric I've been at a loss of what fabric to sew it up in. I wanted something with a print but I also wanted to show off all those seams. So whilst oo-ing and ahh-ing over the Toga two colour way dress, (that's when the light bulb moment happened) I thought why not make the Matthew Williamson dress in the same way, hell looking at the dress I could even sew it three colour-ways, top half, side panels and skirt! (eureka!)

This is going to be a real possibility as I'm really excited to try the idea out. I've already started looking for possible fabrics, I've decided the fabrics must have the same pattern in common and the pattern on the fabric should be the same colour so that there is consistency but then I'm not ruling out the possibility of just using the same print but completely different colour ways too! 
This is what I've been looking at so far...

Flocked fabric on taffeta, in purple, blue and turquoise, 

China Jacquard fabric; black, blue, beige

Taffeta flocked with tendrils , grey, black, blue 

                                                    What do you think, good idea or not?
Have you ever used the same fabric in two different colour-ways on the same garment?

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  1. I think it is a good idea. I am actually thinking along these lines for a chiffon dress I want to make, to use the same fabric in two different colours, or use the same pattern in two different fabric type, like chiffon and stretch crepe

  2. I used a version of this idea last year when I made a dress with the same fabric in different styles (a solid bottom and polk-dot top in the same background fabric. Maybe not revolutionary, but certainly within the same area =) ).

    For the design you've chosen, I think it would look great with three different fabrics. My favorite is the last combination!

    1. Ooo I'm gona hop on over and take a look...
      yes I'm thinking three, and the last fabrics are my sensible choice as the others may verge on the whacky side haha!


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