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Illustration: Dress Coat

  promarkers / fine liners 

Inspired by my 'need' of a dress coat. I sketch out this idea that had been in my head for a while. I just think dress coats look so chic and like you've made an effort but with minimal fuss, just chuck on a pair of leggings and some ankle boots and your ready to face the day!

Winter is always a strange time of year for me, I love the crisp cold sunny days and the snow, but I hate the foggy, damp and rainy dark days. I also hate wearing a million layers just to keep warm and I need to keep warm, I feel the cold terribly. My wardrobe diet consists of skinny jeans, biker or over the knee ridding type boots, thermal vest (don't judge me), long sleeved top, jumper and finally a coat.

 I love coats but my favourite in terms of practicality is my ski jacket! it's the warmest coat I've ever owned but the best thing is, that it is fitted so I don't feel like a Michelin man ( which I did have a bomber jacket once, in grey, with horizontal quilted panels- seriously!!)  and it has curved contrasted side panels which also helps to add definition, so you look slimmer even if you don't feel it!

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