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Illustration Friday: Shadow


As someone who likes to stay with in the area of fashion illustration, by which is what I like to draw in a general sense, this weeks illustration Friday completely stumped me. I mean shadow; what am I suppose to draw for that! Plus I don't really like black, well sometimes I do but mostly I don't and when I ever, on the rare occasion draw in black it all ends up in a big squiggly mess! so I guess I'll just have to make it a colourful mess Hmphhh!!

My Inspiration:
Was a bit thin on the ground so the idea of a silhouette was the best I could come up with, not so much a shadow but close enough.
 A structured piece from the 50's was my guide as the shape of the outline, which I brushed over with water first and then got bizzy with the inky, and created the funky mixed image you see at the top of the page. 

I'm not so sure I likey what I did, but the colours, oh the colours, they look so pretty. It's kinda inspired me to do some actually dress designs, which I'll show you if I get them down on paper, also I'm feeling quite inspired to experiment more with flowy inks- so at least I got inspiration out of it, if nothing else!
Hopefully next weeks Illustration Friday theme will be better

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