Completed: Burda Pleated Skirt

I am so excited to be finally posting a sewing make I've completed (yay!!!) The party hat is on and the streamers out, because it's only been nearly two flipping  months since my last completed sewing project (Whatttt)  I'd almost forgot how to sew!!

The skirt is a Burda pleated skirt pattern, #124 from issue 12/2011 magazine. The skirt was meant to be pleated at the front but plain on the back, with side pockets and a centre back zip. Only I rushed to cut the pattern pieces out and cut out pleated pattern pieces for the back and front and with no fabric left to re-cut it I had to make do. That will teach me to read the instructions properly instead of speed reading them such was my hast to get sewing!!

Fabric wise the burda pleated skirt  pattern was designed to be made up in leather, but as I'm still shopping my stash I made it up in a charcoal coloured wool blend fabric, with light blue lining. I have no idea where the fabric came from, I don't remember buying it so it's likely it was gifted to me. Yay for free fabric!! That's what happens when you tell older folk you sew!

Having realised I'd cut the pattern wrong it meant I couldn't insert a centre back zip. As you can imagine I'd more than thought I'd made a dogs dinner of it especially when there was meant to be side seam pockets. It's probably also worth pointing out I'd only realised I'd made the mistake when I'd already stitched the skirts pleats in place so it was a case of drat and double drat. The skirt was looking sooooo pouffy that I seriously thought'd I'd run the risk of looking like a sugar plum fairy :/  

Needless to say I've never inserted a side zip with a pocket and a lining. Oh lordy give me strength and a bottle of gin, and that skirt in the back of my wardrobe for reference that has the zip, side pocket zip all in one thingy going on. I persevered, made a few mistakes and eventually I did it, my first ever side seam pocket with zip and lining Whoop whoop! 

I probably shouldn't have really used an invisible zip with the wool fabric being a tad on the thick side but I was not about to attempt to insert any other zip, lapped, centred or god knows what, not with a pocket in the same seam! Talk about turning messy.
 In wake of ignoring the cutting instruction, I couldn't follow the assembly instructions either so I winged it! yaaaaa--no, feeling smug with myself didn't last long and winging it meant that I forgot to overlock the side seam and pocket edge before attaching the zip resulting in messy finish, but oh well.

perfect pocket, if I do say so...

waist band facing

The good points were at least my side seams matched with the waist band one and the same on the zip side. For once I didn't have to shorten the skirt, although I did turn up a generous seam allowance of 1.5" which I hand stitched in place.

catch-stitched hem

As I'd cut the pattern wrong it meant the back waist band was a bit small to fit that part of the skirt but a little tweaking of the pleats and cutting off a centimetre of fabric at the back side seam, I got it to fit. The only other problem is one of the pleats doesn't lie as flat as it should but meh, I'm not bothered.

Despite my fabric cutting disaster, a will-it-won't-it work side zip pocket combo along with my initial thoughts that I might look like a sugar plum fairly. I'm happy to say I'm pleased with the out come. it's not my usual style of skirt  but I'm beginning to feel that it will fit in nicely with my winter wardrobe and it makes a nice change from spending my working days living in jeans.

Next up and possibly my only sewing for December is the Bombshell dress.  

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