Completed: Hand Stamped Snood

I've been wanting to hand stamp fabric for aggges! So when I purchased that muslin for the bombshell dress and it didn't work out, I knew exactly what to do with it.
 There's something quite relaxing about stamping in general, but when it involves fabric it's a whole new level!! I cut out the roughly the size I wanted the scarf, then I printed it first, before sewing it up. I choose two different stamps to work with, but thought I would mix it up by printing one in black and the other in rainbow colour.

 I used a french seam to join up the two ends to form the snood. This is probably the neatest finish for this type of scarf and then hemmed round the edges, to get the best finish.

I'm quite impressed by how well this scarf turned out, but I wished I'd washed the material before hand as it feels stiff. I'm not sure how well it will wash. The ink is meant to be permanent when heat set, but it would be just my luck that it will run! I'm also in two minds if I should print on the other side of the scraft, but because the scarf is semi sheer I'm not sure how well this would work, if it would cause it to look over crowded and messy or go well so I've left it for now.

I think this is a really good way of personalising fabric to make something truly unique, it was also quick and enjoyable to make. Win, Win!!!
I would like to do some experimenting with chiffons, and Georgette. silk would be interesting to try too, but the ink may bleed.

Keep you eyes peeled I'll be sharing how I did it and what you'll need to print your own material next week!! :)

Have a good weekend.

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  1. Hello there. Usually with fabric paint (which I use) there isn't any bleeding once it's heat set. Is the stiffness due do the fabric or the ink? They say you should pre-wash the fabric before painting so the paint adheres properly. I don't usually do this. You can take any bottle acrylic craft paint and make it for fabric stamping by adding textile medium. When you add textile medium to the acrylic paint the original hand of the fabric stays the same.

    1. Hi! The stiffness is with the fabric it's not too bad really but I should of pre-washed the fabric first. Thanks for the info about the acrylic paint, I've heard of textile medium but never used it sounds good though, Thanks :)


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