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Skillshare Class: Final Illustration

This was my final illustration for the skillshare class I've been taking- Illustrating your own runway looks.
I've loved the class especially the embellishment section. 
I choose the easy route and used glitter for my illustration, combining a gold and blue glitter which I think compliments the sketch. 

Below are some images of my work in progress that I thought I would also share.....

I used watercolour a lot when I first started drawing but didn't feel it give the look I was after so I switched to coloured markers, but it's been nice to dip back into watercolour and also pick up some new tips. I'm still not feeling 100% confident using watercolours in this way and feel I'm very prone to making mistakes, I also seem to have to be in the right mood to use them but I defiantly wanted to keep experimenting with watercolours and also embellishments.

In all honesty it was a real pleasure to sign up to this skillshare, as the lady teaching it is Katie Rodgers a lady I've admired for quite sometime. Her illustrations are seriously  amazing Especially if you like fashion drawings, if you've not check out her you should @
 p.s you should see her illustrations in puddles of paint.  

If you'd like to see more illustrations that I did as part of this class click the links below:

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