Januarys WIPs

The bombshell dress is now well under way after having some fitting adjustments, the muslin material stretching out of shape and some silly mistakes made whilst being too tired. (sewing whilst tired is really not worth the hassle) It's finally at the make stage! I feel like it's taking me forever to sew but at the same time I'm really enjoying the process so at this stage I don't mind taking longer than normal.

For the vogue skirts, it a chance for me to stick to this years goals and revisit patterns. This was the first pattern I sewed from! I made three very wonky skirts when I started out, all from the thinnest poly-cotton imaginable, despite the fabric woes the skirt shape itself was likeable, so it's time to step up to the mark, using better quality fabric and my improved sewing skills to hopefully come up with two wearable creations.

What's on your sewing table this January, do spill I'd love to know?

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