I'm in! Mad Men Challenge 3

Hopefully this will be third time lucky for me with this challenge. The first one I missed completely, then last year I planned to take part, but decorating and moving house took center stage. Maybe this year is my year to finally take part?!......

Truthfully it's not off to good start. I remembered the challenge being announced as coming soon, but then missed the actual post on Julia Bobbin with all the details and closing date, until I came across it yesterday!! Which means I'll have to get my 'sewing bee on' and work really quick to finishing it in, Oh say two weeks!! Ekkk!!

Lets talk inspiration: I'm going to go with what I know suits me and keeps in with my style. I'm thinking fitted, short and sleeveless, Channeling the following dress's........

 Looking at what I picked out on pinterest I've realised that I'm  drawn to Betty's style the most so I'd like to create a similar style to the black and gold dress. Although I love the floral print number so maybe a combination of the two is in order? I'm off to have a think, look through my stash and see what I can come up with, quick sharp...... Wish me luck :)

Are you taking part this year? 

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