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March WIP's

 I'm attempting to do a little production style sewing, in hope that I can sew more clothes this way. So far so good!
I'm only taking small steps but by having two garments in the sewing process and one cut out ready to go. I feel I'm moving through projects a lot quicker.

This months sewing projects.....

1. Matching top and skirt combo
Feeling inspired by the border print fabric I bought, I'm creating a matching two piece that will hopefully look something like the sketch I made.

2. Mad Men challenge dress
A bit wacky and maybe not so 60's inspired fabric, but I hope the wiggle dress design itself will scream 60's

 3. Bombshell Dress
 I think I must be in the running for taking the longest time ever to make this dress!! but I'm on the home straight. Lining is boned and ready to be attached then it's the waist stay, skirt vent and hem and then I'm finished!!!!

What are you sewing this month?

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  1. oh don't worry, my bombshell still pretty much in pieces too..

    1. That's made me feel much better, glad I'm not the only one.


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