The not so mustard skirt- Vogue V8084

After last weeks layered skirt using vogue V8084. I  made up another of the skirts (view c) this time using wool jersey fabric in a mustard colour.

The fabric came back darker than I expected. I would of liked it to be more yellowy than brown, but that's they beauty of internet shopping!

Again this skirt sewed up really easy, because of the stretch I decide to leave out the zip completely and hope that it fitted over my derriere, which as it happened it did with out much yanking too!

Lace Applique 

As this is such a basic skirt to add interest I appliqued lace on to the skirt, hand stitching it in place. I started by using a prick stitch so it wouldn't be so visible. To aid this I was knotting on each stitch, and cutting the tread.....this took forever! I switched  to using a long running stitch which was coupled with the odd prick stitch for added stability. not as neat as the prick stitch but definitely much faster :)

Waistband Construction

Instead of attaching the waist band to the skirt and then attaching the facing. I sewed the waistband to the facing first, under-stitched it in place and then attached it to the skirt in one go.
I was thinking of overlocking the whole skirt together but because I was unsure if I could get away without the zip. I decided to using the stretch stitch on my sewing machine so it would be easier to unpick if I needed to.

I'm unsure about this skirt.I love the material and skirt hangs really well but I find the colour hard to wear with anything other than black! I guess it will have to be a winter skirt!

 Tech info......

Pattern: Vogue V8084 -easy options in view A
Size: UK 10, but as my fabric was stretchy I think I could of cut a size 8 for a better fit.
Fabric: Stretch Wool jersey in mustard colour.
Alterations: Omitted the lining and the side zip.
Aprox time to complete: 3Hrs for the cutting out and sewing the skirt and about a further hour for hand stitching the applique.

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