It's been fairly quiet round these parts for a number of weeks, it seems going on holiday zapped my productivity, but it also gave me time to think...
I've decided to make some changes starting with the blog layout and changing it up to a more simple theme. I've also been combing through and deleting certain posts in an effort to create a more coherent blog,( I hope)!! I must also remember quality over quantity.

Also few months back I wrote about how I felt my personal style was lacking. It turns it it wasn't just my personal style but in other areas of my life too.

When I first set up this blog it was to suppose document my progress with putting my design/pattern cutting knowledge to the test, and to give insight into how a 'designer' might work bloging about inspiration, design variations, colorways, pattern drafting and the best bit; sewing it all up.
Somewhere along the line (or maybe I wasn't even on the line to begin with?)  I've become less about that and more about sewing for the sake of sewing. Swayed if you like or keeping up with the Jones even, and whilst I enjoy sewing up a commercial/indie patterns, It was suppose to be about my journey trying to design and then sew them up.

I hope you stick with me on my 'new' journey of trying to re-establish my self-drafting/designing  roots. Some of the changes will take time but I felt I needed to get my 'hopes' off my chest.

Happy sewing and thanks for following me this far, here's to the future!!

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  1. I'm happy that you figured out what was missing from your sewing lately! It's so easy to burn out creatively and just let it go without thinking about why.

    Looking forward to your new focus!

    1. It really is there one minute and gone the next!


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