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The practicality of swimwear

Let's discuss multi-strap swimwear. Some styles are gorgeous and perfect for an early morning dip in the hotel swimming pool but for longing around in the sun all day. Impractical springs to mind. I predict even with  Spf 50 on, the chances of looking like a patch work quilt are pretty high, unless you spend all day sat under an umbrella of course.

Once you've amassed a maze of lines that run the risk of looking like the London underground map and your back off holidays, it does make for interesting conversations when wearing vest tops or heaven for bid strapless dress's. 

There are always alternative version, or more sensible one if you will. unless your buying into the crop top trend and don't mind showing off some interesting tan line that could double up tribal patterns.

For the truth to be told, 10 years ago I probably would have bought into the trend. These days I'm more self conscious, but then if i spied one in the sale I may splash the cash.
There's always hope for a warm cloudy day whilst on holiday to bring it out the bag, but who want's cloud when you go away just to for the sun.

What's your thought's and any tips on how to make this trend more functional?  

Bikini all from except for number 4:
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