Shirt Patterns For Men...

I've come to the conclusion there is a gap in the market for vertically challenged men (i.e my Boyfriend). Trousers are rarely the problem (they usually come in short lentghs) it's the other things like shirts, jumpers and jackets that are too long in the arms/body.
With women's wear you come across petite sections, as for men I don't think they exist, or am I just missing something. There are plenty of short guys out there, so I reckon places like Burton, Topshop, H&M, Asos all need to stand up, take note and do somthing about it!!! Oi Oi, c'mon pull your socks up. (sorry, rant over!!)

In  the mean time I guess I should be selfless and make my man something?!
We've discussed this and well, truth be told he's nagged me to make him a suit for the last five years!! But That, Is, Not, Going, To, Happen! So we've settled on a shirt!
He always looks the most awkward in shirts as in the formal variety; sleeves too long, body too long and collar never looks proportionate although this could be a flaw on his part, maybe he just has a short neck. so the idea is to buy a pattern and proportionate to him.

Here's the short list of patterns I've chosen ( he's not got any fashion sense) .........

 Click on images for source

Point proven when showing him theses patterns, "they're all ok, any of them will do"
So any advise or tips on sewing men's shirts? Or any other shirt patterns you would recommend for him?
He's got a little while longer before I make him chooses one.


  1. Very good choices. I'm going to trace one of my fellow old shirt than comparete to oat terns as I learned the hard way with newcastle cardigan

    1. Thanks Rachel!
      That's a good thought, especially as one of his shirts fits really nicely in the body


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