Fashion MA Graduates

Now that I've got my place in university confirmed my fashion mojo has returned with a vengeance I'm no longer looking at clothes with just sewing in mind I'm looking for design ideas too! Its really refreshing!!
Its always nice to see what emerging designers are producing especially when it's students. I think your still in an establishment where you are constantly inspiring each other, bouncing ideas round whilst maintain and individualistic approach. Its one of the only a few time that as a designer you get to be in this position. It also helps for me, as a soon to be student, to see what other students are creating.

During London fashion week The MA students from Central Saint Martins showed their collections. Very inspirational and hopefully some names to look out for in the future. Here are my favs.....

 Matty Bovan

Seyoung Hong

 Maximilian Riedlberger

Paul Thompson

 Erik LitzĂ©n

James Theseus Buck

 Catriona McAuley

 Krystyna Kozhoma

 Beth Postle

Images from to see the whole collection click here 


  1. One day they will be your designs on the catwalk, I'm so looking forward to following your fashion journey in September.


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