Me-Made-May '15!!


I first had a go at this back in 2013, and I learnt a lot, in fact I gave my hand-made wardrobe a good over haul on the back of it. I can't remember why I didn't participate last year although it might of been because I was bit thin on the ground as a result of the previous years clean out, or it could be a result of laziness, who knows!

Right now I feel more content with my makes than I ever have, so I figured it was time for another go! The aim is lesser this time round due to my new job where we have to , how do they put it, be 'walking manikins'!?  so only wearing the clothes we sell in the shop, which is a bit of a bummer but sort of makes it easier at the same time! (although I don't think I should be saying that!!)
so here's what I pledge.....

'I, Sarah of fashion brick road ( sign up as a participant of me made may '15.
I endeavor to wear a minimum of two me-made garments per week during May.'