Sewing Fashion Trends: flared/wide leg trousers...

Continuing with the 70's vibe, flares and wide leg trousers are also a big hit. From wide to super wide, bootcut to full on 70's disco flare and even a 3/4 length flare.
 The good thing with the wide leg trouser is it's so easy to wear whilst keeps you cool/covered up;  another minimum effort maximum style garment.

On the runways, flares and wide leg pant were seen every where from Giambattista Valli and Kenzo  (top two images) to Micheal Kors and Balmain (bottom images). Designed in various colours and prints, the world is your oyster with them.

 So what if you want to make your own version, let's have look whats around....

Hot Patterns 1065 - Bootcut Chinos, capri's and shorts.

Vogue: V8955- Loose fitting Wide leg pants

-Those vogue wide leg pants, I can just imaging made up in a jazzy print, would look fab strolling along a beach front!

If you have any other pattern suggestions relevant to the flared/wide leg trouser trend, please feel free to add the link in the comments.