Fashion Design Degree: First few weeks....

I'm around four weeks into my fashion design degree and it's steadily gathering pace.

Mondays are garment skills days. In this lesson we are creating samples. So far we've done seams and various seam finishes, along with faced openings, sleeve plackets and patch pocket. The idea is that everyone is brought up to speed and is operating at the same level, while nearly all of us have used a sewing machine, for the majority it more on a textile level rather than garment sewing. We are also touching on textile and fabric manipulation techniques.

  Tuesdays are illustration days! I enjoy drawing as you know but I have to be in the mood for it. So I'm finding this more challenging, seen as I'd prefer to spend most of the day sewing. The ideas is that we'll use our sketch book's to come up with ideas that form the basis of our design which we will then make. It's starting off simple, and will be a basic top, but we have to use techniques learnt in  garment skills to make it our 'own'!

Fridays are lecture days, the morning is about the fashion industry and the roles with in it, we often have guest speakers in to tell us about their area of expertise and what is expected of them. The afternoon is fashion cultures - covering fashion history, gender with in fashion and so on.

I'm trying to stay on top of things. The work is coming at a steady but manageable pace at the moment, but I'm desperate to find some time to do my own sewing!