Milan: Armani/Silo museum (otherwise known as seventh heaven)...

A few weeks back I went to Milan as part of a university trip! I had a brilliant time and would highly recommended it especially if you love fashion, culture and food! Plus lake Como is only an hour or so away (unfortunately we didn't get to see George Clooney but the lake was beautiful!)

One of the highlights of the trip was the Armani/Silos Museum - if your in Milan, you must, must go and see this, I can't recommend it enough.

You want to see some pictures?....................... Oh go on then, ......

This museum was so much better than anticipated, surprisingly it wasn't on our itinerary and nor was it top of the things to do in our free time, but it was by far the most inspirational thing that I visited.
 The photo's really don't do it justice but I feel I have a better appreciation and admiration for Armani and I'm hoping it will be a contributing factor in my own work for uni from now on.