Second term in uni / Distortion dress

In a blink of an eye, my first year as a fashion design student is over. I'm feeling mixed emotions, in a good way. Relief that it's done, shock that it went so quickly and now a feeling of emptiness, or more like I'm not use to not having nothing to do. Such a different time and feeling to this time last year.

I've had a ball in my first year, I've loved it and exceeded myself with how well I have done. It's certainly cemented my love for fashion design even further.


My second term project in uni, was to design and make a dress on the theme of distortion, culminating in a 'innovative dress', Along with this, the module required illustration work, a short film of the design process, a digital portfolio, working portfolio, two sketchbooks, sample file, toile, pattern and specification drawing of dress. Along with the written modules that focus on fashion history (an illustrated essay- I did mine on fashion production in the Victorian period),  and an industry module 'contextualizing' myself, (talking about what I feel is important in the fashion industry, sustainability, ethics, authenticity and so on).


This is the result of my second term module: here I've shown pages from my digital portfolio, , mood-boards, toile development, finished garment and illustration of garment...


Diversity Project:
Along with distortion we did a 'live brief' about diversity in the fashion industry hosted by all walks beyond the catwalk and i-D magazine , where we had illustrate how we see diversity. This was a competition brief and I entered the below illustration. 

With this competition it was open world wide, and only three students from our year could be put forward, I un-expectantly was one of those students.   

More dress images....

This was my dress, using inspiration from ice and cut stonesto come up with this 3D design. The bodice is princess seamed with 3D triangles attached to the center with larger 3D triangles attached to the shoulders to create a spiked effect. 
The skirt is made using 3D squares that are sewing together in blocks and columns and attached to the bodice. It has a center back zip, and is fully lined with a bagged lining for the skirt so the inside of the squares are completely hidden. 
The 3D shapes were all made using the method outline in the pattern magic 3 book

Overall a crazy spiky design but one that I'm pleased with.