Long time, no write.....

OH MY GOSH! I have not posted on here in forever, (2016 was the last time!!).
University life took over and although I graduated back last summer, I just haven't had the inkling to write.
I'm unsure if I will return to regular blogging on here, although I notice most bloggers are writing less posts and using instagram for small updates, I have been taking notice!!
Anyhow I have given the blog a slight make over (just a colour freshen up).
 I still sew, sketch, design, hoard fabric and mess make and just sometimes, it's in a more professional capacity.

You can find me on instagram here @sarah_.lcy 

I also have a clothing brand that is still in the very early stages, that is also on instagram @lcy_designs

 I'm currently selling art work through print on demand website Redbubble. It's mostly fashion illustrations, prints and the occasional word art you can find me here, or see the link up the top of the page called 'Shop'. I'd really love it if you could check it out.

I also have a portfolio based website lcy-designs where you can see my debut collection from university and other project/ freelance work I do. -- If I decide to take up blogging again its likely to be on my professional website, with this one reserved for personal projects, sewing and inspirational stuff.