Summer update: creating & making...

What a strange year it has been so far, theres a new normal it seems, although with plenty of bumps in the road. It's somewhat peculiar, and if you're anything like me, at the moment everyday feels the same.

Here in Wales we have seen a stricter lockdown than England. Only this week can we now travel further than 5 miles and form a bubble with one other house hold. Bars and pubs with outside seating areas can open from next week, but how effective that will be in a country where it rains more than most, will remain to be seen. 

There was a lot of optimism and emphasis at the start of lock down to learn something new, start a business, take up a different form of exercise, but truthfully you just have to do you. If sitting around eating yummy foods and binge watching box sets is what has been getting you through these strange, odd and somewhat difficult times, who are we too judge on what is best for your own health and mental wellbeing. 

Personally, I've been working on my art & illustration shop on RedBubble. Added a few new piece to my Etsy shop. I've also been baking, yep, that lock down essential, Bannna bread! I also made a banana and nutella one, along with a less successful coffee loaf (it didn't taste very coffee like) along with spending time in the garden, enjoying the lovely weather we've had. 

In between I started making bits and piece's for the NHS staff. We have a little group set up in the local area and on a Friday a lovely lady would collect what we had made. I mostly made headbands, scrub caps and scrub bags. Whilst I had fabric donations, I also got round to using up some of my own fabric stash too, so a good cause all round. 

Some of the scrub pieces I made

The need for scrubs has died down, so for the last few weeks I've been making fabric masks for family and friends. 

In other news, for the first time in over a year I am sewing for myself! Its a swing style coat; Vintage burda pattern, from 1952, that was re-released in the 2012 magazine! It's only taken me until now to get going with it, and at the rate I sew for myself these days, expect it finished this time next year (ha!). 

I've been doing yoga (occasionally) for a few years, and at the start of May I did 30 days of yoga, following the yoga with Adrienne Home series , I really enjoyed it and whilst I said to myself, I'll find time to practise daily, that hasn't quite happened!

I'm now a contributing writer for a website called the football pink. I've wanted to do something within football for sometime and article writing on fan culture and fashions seemed like a good start. I'd eventually love to be involved in helping out with exhibitions on football memorabilia especially the fan side of things. If you want to know bit more about the fashions on the football terrace in the 1980's, you can read that article here

Stay safe, and take care xx