maid in manhattan & illustration

I watched maid in Manhattan for the first time this week!! I thought the film was alright but a bit flat. It's not something I'd watch again in a hurry. Aside from the film lacking any real luster. I loved the dress that jenifer Lopez's character wears.

Isn't it a darling, so dreamy!! The drapery is fabulous. It't flows and hangs so well, it's just gorgeous.
I honestly thought it was by a top designer but interestingly its by Albert Wolsky a well credited costume designer, who based on that dress should have his own label.

 To the illustration! I didn't intend to draw the dress as such, I was doodling pondering what sort of  dress to draw when that dress poped in to my head so I used it as inspiration and did my own take on it.

I used bleed proof paper for this illustration which worked a treat. I don't usually go for fancy paper types but this is recommended for marker pens so I finally gave in and bought it.
 This was the first illustration I did using this paper, the only down side is that you need to work quickly when laying down the colour otherwise it tends to sit on the surface given a stong colour build up, which happened to me. I've over cooked the colour on the skin tone and the bottom of the dress, but overall I'm glad I bought this paper.



I get a lot of emails and comments asking where this dress can be bought or if I could make it?

Firstly whilst I would love to make this dress I'm currently not in a position to do so :( so the answer to that question is unfortunately no!

On being able to buy the dress:

I can't give you a specific website as such, but if you search google with terms such as 'maid in Manhattan dress'  'jenifer lopez maid in manhatten dress'  or 'replica maid in manhatten dress' - you should find a number of sites who sell replicas, how good these replica dress are I do not know .

your second option is to look at prom/bridal dress websites or in actual shops. you'll be surprised at the amount of very similar dress you'll find to the maid in Manhattan one, plus you'll get different colour choices too!!

There is a third option, find a local dress maker/seamstress or family member who can sew and go and speak to them about making this dress, I'm sure you'll be able to sort something out!

If you want a bit more info on this dress then here it is:

The style of dress is Strapless
The neckline is known as a sweetheart shape.
 material used is likely to be chiffon which is a nice shear material and gives that dreamy look.
 The dress is  also slightly gathered under the bust. 
and the colour is likely to be a pinky/peach.

If you plan to make this dress yourself you may want to know, that the dress is likely to be draped on to a foundation base i.e the bust area constructed in to a sweetheart shape with good support before the fabric is then gathered and shaped on to the support.
The lining is likely to be habotai lining material which gives a lovely fluid floaty look and makes the dress look opaque too.The hem is most probably a rolled hem done on the overlocker/serger.

Hope that helps :)


  1. Lovely illustration, you're so talented!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  2. Wow! You are really talented with pencil and paper, I envy you because I am able to scribble uninterpretable only. Do you make that dress soon?? It's a dream!

  3. thank you :)
    Rosy I would love to make a similar version of the dress or maybe a top but I don't think it will be for a few months. I will let you know if I do though :)

  4. omggg i am sooo in love with this dress and want it for my prom !!! ive been wanting to wear this dress since ive been in the 10th grade .kierra bacon

  5. amazing dreeess!!! i will wear it for my prom.can't wait :)

  6. Where can i buy one? Seriously? :)

    1. Hi, you could try searching google for 'maid in Manhattan dress' and you should find a number of websites who do replica ones.

      also you can try looking at wedding dress/prom dress websites too, searching for strapless dress's as the dress is a very popular style so you should find something very similar.

      hope that helps :)

  7. i like this nice dress.from where it can be purchased ?

  8. Your comment about the movie are as sad as you clumsy sketch.


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