doing, what have I

It's nice to have a break, makes me feel refreshed and spangly new, and without the constant fraternising of 'what am I going to post' everyday during Blogtoberfest, last week turned out to be fairly productive and easy going. so what did I do........

Organised myself

Without the thoughts of blogtoberfest littering my mind, I was able to have a sort out, not just my  actual clutter, but my mind also, I cleaned and sorted my room and made pleanty of lists mostly of things floating around in my mind including sewing projects, haberdashery items and crimbo shopping lists. I don't know about you, but I'm a constant list maker, I like to know where I am , what I've done and what to do next.

 knitting: friend or foe

At this time definitely Foe. Me and knitting are not getting along!! I thought I have a good go at it last week and teach myself to knit properly. I can more or less garter stitch, as for purl, it ain't happening, one minute I can do it and the next I really don't no but it ain't purl. I'm think I should take a leaf out of  Marie at A sewing Odyssey's book and join a knitting course!! 


Remember this fabric? well I love the colour all be it a little unusual (some of you might call it shitty green but I prefer chartreuse hehe!) and I think I know what to do with it now, I seen a dress in a similar style and colour in a magazine or perhaps it was whilst watching sex and the city 2 (again!) whatever it was I'm thinking of creating a strapless dress with a sweetheart neckline, the bust area would be in cream and the skirt part in green with horizontal pleat detail........


I've not given up on Etsy, just yet I still want to open a shop but I've assigned myself to experimenting with different ideas of what to sell, currently I am looking at occasion wear and designed these capes to be used as cover ups at weddings. I've drafted a pattern and for the first time ever graded the pattern too, so we shall see how the pattern works out before I decide on whether to make these capes.

Drawing / Illustrating

I've gone back to my trusty drawing friend called copying, as some of you are aware I feel my drawing ability or lack of it, has gone down hill, so I've taken to coping different styles to try and improve my technique, this is something we did in college where you copy the drawing exactly then use that style to produce your own work. I can't remember whose illustration I have copied here, but I will do a post on this soon.

And of course Sewing

 Not much sewing really, but I have finished off a few things, I bought a hook and bar fastener (whoops!!! nearly but bra fastening in there that would of confused you all!!) for my balloon skirt. Yay!! I can now wear it with confidence and in the knowledge it isn't going to fall down or blow open!!!

I bought material, white lining to reline this dress with and I'm also going to alter the dress too. It's been hung on my wardrobe door since I made it and I've decided I'm not happy with it so it's coming back apart.
 The other material on the right was in the sale £2.00 a meter, I'm not sure what it its, it feels similar to crepe but more softer to touch yet heavier to hold. I bought it to make a toile/muslin of the capes above but you might just see it being used as the bust part of the dress above too.

pheew!!! I think last week was more than productive now I come to think of it, what did you do?


  1. Hey Sarah, I reckon my short knitting course has really helped me grasp the basics, but if time/money are an issue, this website is absolutely brilliant:

    Also, I love your illustrations, you're really very talented!

    I also meant to comment on your Etsy post ages ago (I still plan on doing so, so watch this space), but I'm undergoing a similar process at the moment. There's so much to think about, not least what your 'product(s)' will be. Keep thinking about / planning for it and don't rush it would be my immediate advice!

  2. aww thanks Marie, I will definitely be checking the website out, I'm determined to be able to knit properly!

    your right about Etsy, it starts of as a small simple idea and then quickly develops into a whole host of other things to think about, and yes, please do leave me a comment about Etsy it would be nice to see what you/others have to say especially if they are in the process of setting one up.

  3. I like the capes you're going to make, they'll be super cute can't wait to see the finished product!

  4. Listmaking is almost a hobby =) I'm like you, I want to know where I am, what's to do and what order to do it in. I've realised that I rarely actually follow the lists to the end, new things gets added, some things removed and the order changes.

    I too want to learn how to knit, and a class would be so helpful. Now, if only someone in town would actually give such classes...

    Just take it slow with the shop, best to figure out how you want it before you start building your brand. I'm sure it will be great, though!

  5. I just found your blog today, its so much fun to find someone who shares a paaion, sewing and art! I'm your newest follower, I love your designs, what a sense of acomplishment you must have, to design and then bring to reality, I have always painted and I have always sewn, never designed my own patterns rather just cut and sewed, I strted out following patterns and became bored so changed things up, my vision has prevented me fromdoing much sewing but I will enjoy reading youir journey!!

  6. thanks everyone!

    Bri- I'm hoping to have a least one completed within the next 2-3 weeks!

    Erika- I never follow a list to the end, but they are fun to create, I like finding ones I've made from a while back and seeing what else I can cross off the list.

    laurie- welcome and thank you for following!

  7. Your knitting is looking good so far, it will all just click and you'll wonder why you thought you couldn't. I'm far more impressed by your sewing skills, as mine are pretty basic to say the least lol.


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