12 in 2012

Sorry,  I'm a bit late to the party on this one , seen as it was set up on the last day of December but seriously where has the time gone!!!
Anyway back to business, I've been deliberating on this 12 in 2012 hosted over at su sews so-so since it was launched. What doesn't help was the fact that I've recently been sorted through my wardrobe, I exclaimed to my boyfriend that I didn't need any more clothes (my boyfriends face said it all) like that's going to work.
 I've tried to convince myself for the past month that I can do this and by this I mean not buy or make any clothes, but I've seen the light or the dark (dependant on how you want to look at it) and I just can't keep my greedy little hands off of the sale racks or my wandering eyes from the fabric shops. It's task that I just can't do! So the 12 in 2012 is just the thing, 12 garments for moi, well made (hopefully) and wearable i.e no fancy dresses or dodgy ones that I make just for the sake of sewing.
 It also makes sense that I do the 12 in  2012 because I also have a list as long as my arm of new sewing techniques to try too. So here goes....

12 items of clothing.....

  1. trench coat
  2. high waited shorts with ruffle waist band
  3. leggings
  4.  jeans in spotty fabric
  5. circle skirt with scallop waist band
  6. play-suit
  7. leather jacket 
  8. Bag - possibly an Amy butler design
  9. another jacket- the rust coloured one that livine wears in downtown abbey!
  10. gathered hole dress out of pattern magic
  11. a sobetto top
  12. a bikini in a pin-up girl print
We can make more than 12 right..? I want to make a few more tops based on this pattern possible a pair of high-waisted jeans, patterned jeans and maybe a dress or two. (The list will be my priority  if course)

12 techniques.....

  1. welt pockets
  2. french knots
  3. smocking
  4. lace placement, ie lining the lace up so it matches
  5. french seams
  6. piping
  7. draping
  8. pin tucks
  9. cut out detailing on a garment
  10. hand stitching a zip
  11. shapes and seam curving
  12. inseam pockets with zip

12 miscellaneous 

  1. Tie dying 
  2. A colette pattern possibly the lady grey coat
  3. attempting something else from  the pattern magic books
  4. sewing samples and how they could used from the art of manipulating fabric book
  5. a sewaholic pattern
  6. vintage pattern
  7. working with leather
  8. felting
  9. fascination making
  10. waterfall collar
  11. in-seam pockets with zips
  12. embroidery

pheww I think it looks a little adventurous, I do plan on combining techniques like the waterfall collar on a jacket, beading/embroidery on the bag, inseam zip pockets on a jacket, french seams on the sorbetto top and  piping on the spotted jeans.

Hands up who else is doing 12 in 2012. I think I spy Dibs is which I'm very much looking forward to. I would love to follow anyone else who is doing it so leave me a link if you'd like.

p.s not wanting to sound too smug, but I've cut the high-waisted shorts out, I've got my trench coat pattern sorted (from my stash) and like wise with the leather jacket. 

Time to crack on me thinks......


  1. Hi Sarah, sorry I'm only getting around to commenting on your post now - I've been away from blogs for a bit!
    So delighted that you are joining in with 12 in 2012 as well. And what a GREAT set of goals! I'm really looking forward to following along with you this year and watching you reach your goals.
    I've updated my post to add a link to your goals too.


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