So far in 2012....

I think it might be fun to do a round up of things I've recently learnt and where I am with 12 in 2012. So here goes.

Things I've learnt.

1. Not to underestimating the overlocker!      
 The overlocker does just more than one type of stitch don't you know, well I forgot. In january I was having a good old mess around getting the rolled stitch to operate successfully when I rediscovered it also does a neat narrow hem not as small as a rolled hem but quite nice non-the less and that I can also change length and the width of the stitches. more Importantly I learnt that there is no need to use the four stitch overlock, on most garments three stitches work just as fine therefore saving thread too- well times are tight!!
2.chalk wheels are the dogs knackers! no seriously my recent chalk wheel purchess has done me the world of good, it makes marking fabric so much easyer as does my fabric marker pen with erasable end too.

3.Tailors ham/ press are also the dogs knackers x2. This has made a massive diffrence to pressing curved seams.

4.when measuring the waist do take into consideration the width on your hips especially if there is a considerable difference, I nearly came a cropper, again! I was making winging a wrap around maxi skirt and for what ever reason only went by my waist measurement, when the time came to try on the skirt I find it to splay right open from just under my lady bits! luckily with some adjustments in the way of extra material disaster was avoided.

Although I'm a late coming to the 12 in 2012 (you can join at any time). It's going well, I've finished my shorts, started on the fascinator making and traced my pattern for the trench coat. I also have my toile/muslin material ready. I'm estimating that the length will need shortening and the coat taking in a little bit as sew magazine who designed the pattern are quite generous. 

I'm thinking of using Gabardine in a classic beige/camel colour. I was going to top stitch the coat in a contrast colour but I think I'll kill two birds with one stone here and pipe the edges of the coat, I'm thinking either black or dark brown? which colour would you go for?