Doing things and not doing things.

You know how at the beginning of the year I decided to do this 12 in 2012 thingy, well it really isn't going well! October is around the corner and I'm lucky if I've got a quarter of what I set out to do, done. 
Reflecting on the decision, my position at the begging of the year was different, I wasn't working so I had time on my hands for a start.
 I also realised I made the list way to long, I should of stuck with 12 things and 12things only instead of 36, I mean where the hell, did 12 in 2012 become 36 in 2012!! Another thing I've realised is that my taste change's often and something that I want to make at the beginning of the year, can easily be out of favour x number months later. 

so for a minutiae update and a proposal for next year keep reading.......
By the way the writing in pink is the latest progress, and the blue/duckegg colour is from previous posts.

12 items of clothing.....

  1. trench coat - Done :) this was one item I really wanted to do this year so I'm glad I did
  2. high waited shorts with ruffle waist band - done
  3. leggings
  4.  jeans in spotty fabric- I may change this to gingham fabric
  5. circle skirt with scallop waist band
  6. play-suit
  7. leather jacket 
  8. Bag - possibly an Amy butler design
  9. another jacket- the rust coloured one that livine wears in downton abbey!
  10. gathered hole dress out of pattern magic
  11. a sobetto top- the pattern is ready- 
  12. a bikini in a pin-up girl print- think the season has passed for this one
12 techniques.....

  1. welt pockets -done these on the trench coat
  2. french knots-I've been working on something but not sure where it's going.
  3. smocking
  4. lace placement, ie lining the lace up so it matches
  5. french seams
  6. piping
  7. draping
  8. pin tucks
  9. cut out detailing on a garment
  10. hand stitching a zip
  11. shapes and seam curving
  12. inseam pockets with zip

12 miscellaneous ...

  1. Tie dying 
  2. A colette pattern possibly the lady grey coat
  3. attempting something else from  the pattern magic books
  4. sewing samples and how they could used from the art of manipulating fabric book
  5. a sewaholic pattern
  6. vintage pattern
  7. working with leather- This may still happen
  8. felting
  9. fascinatator making- this is coming along nicely- still work in progress
  10. waterfall collar
  11. in-seam pockets with zips- ops I seam to have doubled up with this one I'm thinking a copy cat outfit possibly something from pan-am. pan am oufit is nearly done
  12. embroidery

Hand up I admit the task was too big, stupidly I knew this when I was doing it, don't get me wrong, I've made quite a few things that are not on the list too, so it isn't like I haven't been sewing. It's just I'm not very good a sticking to long lists.

so to this proposal. I quite like the idea of 12 in 2012, so what I'm thinking is adapting this and doing 12 in 12.
From the beginning of next year I plan to create a list of 12, and only 12 things that I really want to achieve sewing wise over the following 12 months. I will aim to do one a month that way it will be far easier and manageable to do.  I also plan to leave a few blanks say 3 or 4 to accommodate changes in the things that I want to achieve too.  

Now I'm sure I can stick to that!!


  1. Don't worry about changing your mind and your plans, we're constantly evolving and so do our tastes and needs. At least you've now set yourself more realistic targets, that you'll feel good about ;o)

  2. Hi Sarah, the good thing about these lists is that you call the shots. They could even be 12 things in 12 years, if you wanted! ;-)
    Thanks for being a part of Blogtoberfest, hosted by Cathy aka {tinniegirl} last year. Thought you might be interested to know that we're running it again in 2012. You can find all the info at:
    And we're kicking off this Monday! Would love to see you there.
    Kat xxx

    1. now that would be manageable haha!

      I think you've twisted my arm, I've been saying to myself all year, i'm not going to do blogtoberfest but as it's approached I'm thinking shall I, and I think I will. Thanks for the link :D


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