Nearly There

How ridiculous is it to think that we are now in November, where has the year gone, and with halloween and bonfire-night out of the way I guess it's time to start thinking of Christmas :o

I also thought now was ample timing to do another update on my 12 in 2012 situation.
This is what I've completed so far:- (by the way anything highlighted in red should link through to the completed item)

 12 items of clothing.....

  1. trench coat - 
  2. high waited shorts with ruffle waist band 
  3. leggings
  4.  jeans in spotty fabric-
  5. circle skirt with scallop waist band
  6. play-suit
  7. leather jacket 
  8. Bag - possibly an Amy butler design
  9. another jacket- the rust coloured one that livine wears in downton abbey!
  10. gathered hole dress out of pattern magic
  11. a sobetto top- the pattern is printed out
  12. a bikini in a pin-up girl print- think the season has passed for this one
12 techniques.....

  1. welt pockets -done these on the trench coat
  2. french knots-I've been working on something but not sure where it's going.
  3. smocking
  4. lace placement, ie lining the lace up so it matches
  5. french seams
  6. piping
  7. draping
  8. pin tucks
  9. cut out detailing on a garment
  10. hand stitching a zip
  11. shapes and seam curving
  12. inseam pockets with zip

12 miscellaneous ...

  1. Tie dying 
  2. A colette pattern possibly the lady grey coat
  3. attempting something else from  the pattern magic books
  4. sewing samples and how they could used from the art of manipulating fabric book
  5. a sewaholic pattern- I've bought  the Thurlow pattern
  6. vintage pattern
  7. working with leather- This may still happen
  8. felting
  9. fascinatator making- this is coming along nicely- still work in progress
  10. waterfall collar
  11. pan am outfit- 
  12. embroidery

Realistically with only around 7 weeks to go to before the year is out (scary!!) I'm so not going to complete my 12 in 2012 list, but hopefully I will have sewn a sewaholic pattern, a colette pattern and I  should of done something in leather. That will give me a total of 6/7 things marked off the list.   


  1. I love all your goals and feel I identified with you! Especially ask where did the time ... I've enjoyed your list ...


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