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Reviewing 12 in 2012 and the year ahead.

At the begin of this year I embarked on the 12 in 2012 challenge, all the while that little voice in my head said it's not going to work. It was right! 

It's fair to say I failed, first off I didn't even come-up with a list of 12 things, nope, it was a list of, gulp, 36!! now that was a bit stupid to be honest. Another reason, I failed is that as the year goes on what I plan to make changes something that I thought would be cool to make at the beginning of the year is easily replaced come summer.
My third reason for failure, is my inability to complete lists, I do enjoy making them though!

so just to refresh your mind and mine, this is what I did and didn't do.

12 items of clothing.....

  1. trench coat -Done
  2. high waited shorts with ruffle waist band - done
  3. leggings
  4.  jeans in spotty or gingham fabric
  5. circle skirt with scallop waist band
  6. play-suit
  7. leather jacket 
  8. Bag - possibly an Amy butler design
  9. another jacket- the rust coloured one that livine wears in downton abbey!
  10. gathered hole dress out of pattern magic
  11. a sobetto top- sort of Done
  12. a bikini in a pin-up girl print
Get this I also said ......
We can make more than 12 right..? I want to make a few more tops based on this pattern possible a pair of high-waisted jeans, patterned jeans and maybe a dress or two. (The list will be my priority  of course)

12 techniques.....
  1. welt pockets -done these on the trench coat
  2. french knots-I've been working on something but not sure where it's going. *
  3. smocking
  4. lace placement, ie lining the lace up so it matches
  5. french seams
  6. piping
  7. draping
  8. pin tucks
  9. cut out detailing on a garment
  10. hand stitching a zip
  11. shapes and seam curving
  12. inseam pockets with zip

12 miscellaneous ...

  1. Tie dying 
  2. A colette pattern possibly the lady grey coat
  3. attempting something else from  the pattern magic books
  4. sewing samples and how they could used from the art of manipulating fabric book
  5. a sewaholic pattern Done
  6. vintage pattern
  7. working with leather
  8. felting
  9. fascinator making*
  10. Pan Am outfit- Done
  11. embroidery
To give you the stats, it's a grand total of 9  items, I'm currently making a sobetto top and if all goes well, I plan on making onother using chiffon fabric and will do that with french seams which would take me up to eight.  
the * denote something I have sort of kind of done but not shown on the blog and these two of them so really I've only done five things that you can actually see!!

Whats for 2013:

I had planed to do a  modified version of this challenge, called 12 in 12.
12 items in 12 months.  I've (thankfully) scraped that idea and decided I'm not going to make any definitive lists for the year ahead. I'm just going to sew what I'm going to sew. 
but (there had to be a But) There are a few things I would like to achieve in 2013  and some carry on from the lists above. 
  • sew using leather
  • making a play suit
  •  felt making is still a to-do
  •  use vintage patterns
  • the gathered hole dress, plus other items from the pattern magic books 
  • work with jersey
What you can expect from me in 2013:

After doing my sewing year review a few days ago, there was distinct lack of dress's in this years sewing, so I would love to make more dress's in 2013.
Do more sewing in general.
Home furnishings. I'm hoping to  make my own cushions, curtains and other homely things for our new house. Also expect a lot of design/sewing room photo's inspiration, clean outs and re-organisation posts.
Give-aways- hopefully the first one will be in January :)
Drawings, sketches and illustrations and making a mess on a piece of paper.
and in-general ramblings of not have enough time to make all the things I want to make!

Whats your plans for 2013? 


  1. Oh I didn't think you failured .. U had work hard this year x

  2. Two interesting quotes about our beloved hobby:

    "There is no such thing as screw-ups in sewing. There are only design opportunities."

    "There is a very fine line between "hobby" and "mental illness" by Dave Barry.

    Sigh. My main plan for 2013? Not to get worried or stressed if a sewing project doesn't come out the way I wanted. Sewing is mostly a therapy for me so I am determined to put the "pleasure" word high on my list and just enjoy the process ;-).

    1. I can completely understand the second quote haha!

      and yes sewing should be fun and joyful, that's something I've had to realise too and it's working out much better :)


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