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sewing boxes

yesterdays gift guide featuring an owl sewing box inspired me to do this post. I as wrote about sewing boxes being uninspiring and dated, I went on the hunt for more modern means. call it an extended gift guied for sewing boxes.

you could always go for something truly unique. Seen as sewing is a craft, trade even which means your sewing needles, scissors, roles, unpickers are all tools then why not choose a tool box! 

Plenty of space for bit's and bobs, needles, unpicker,  tape measure, scissors  loop turners, and a big area for storing things like shoulder pads, interfacing, pinking sheers, bobing winders.

it's not too unusual I don't think, I have a small tool box for my make-up! Seriously, it's this type though more of a case than a box. I keep all my brushes and eye-liners in the holders although mine are elastic and then I divide the main section up into parts for eyeshadow, lipstick and blusher/foundation!! 


  1. I have a small owl sewing box but I don't use it as I find too small

  2. True... sewing boxes are lovely my comment would reflect House of Pinheiro's: I would need about a dozen sewing boxes to be able to fit all my sewing stuff in it...


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