what's on my sewing table?

yesterday was a no show for Blogtoberfest I wanted to put up a post but found myself to tired after a busy day to even lift the lid on my lap top, I'm also finding myself having a touch of writers bock or bloggers block if you will, But I am determined to see out the rest of Blogtoberfest.

What are you currently sewing? I'm making myself a trusty little black day dress, it's occurred to me on a couple of occasions that I do not own a black dress at all, so I thought I'd start off by sewing a day dress, with sleeves I might add.  unfortunately I've already hit a slight snag, slight being the operative word here, I've only gone a made a school book error, now what is it they say, make sure you read the instruction before doing anything!! So what have I done I hear you ask?  I've only gone and cut the front out as two separate pieces instead of on the fold!!!! Fuming is not the word, I was livid when I realised what I done it was made worse because I don't have any more material to cut a new piece from, anyway I will soldier on so check back in the week to see how I over come this!!!


  1. Oh no, what a bummer about the front piece! I hate it when stuff like that happens, I too would have been livid! Hope you figure out a way to fix it!

    I've recently followed Casey's circle skirt sew-along and I had to make two because I forgot to add seam allowance to the first version. So it ended up too small :o( We live and learn though!

  2. we do indeed, it's frustrating when you feel your improving and taking steps forward only to find you've take two back!!
    ahh never-mind, the joys of sewing. glad to hear your second skirt turned out right :)


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