McQ Illustration.

McQueen shoes.
I spotted these in  an EllE magazine, and decided that I needed to illustrate them. 

I added the tartan seen as it a McQueen staple. It's the first time I've illustrated tartan and I found it quite difficult and tedious which is why it looks slightly messy! more practise needed I think!


  1. Beginning sketching wasn’t really a new year’s determination for me but I had bought a book and after postponing it for months, I decided today to take an hour break from my studies and give it a go.

    Impressions: the very first sketch (a 10-head length drawing) looks quite funny! The author explains she uses 10 head-lengths instead of the usual 8 because it gives a long leg-model. Another detail: the author uses inches and down here we use the metric system but I’ll get over it.

    Anyway, I have a looong way to go but what matters, right now, is that it enables me (like you said) to vent the stress off and I am really enjoying the process of learning to sketch.

    Again, thanks for your encouragement!


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